Welcome to the website of Dr. Karb GmbH

We are a service provider company,

that is oriented towards the customized development and adaptation of software solutions for different problem complexes. In the interest of the customer, we put maximum emphasis on implementing projects quickly and cost-effectively.

Technology consulting

Our consulting services cover the concept and implementation of customer-specific IT solutions. We pursue a holistic approach, giving due consideration to technologies, organisation and staff planning. Besides providing consultancy in design and restructuring of the IT department, we also develop customized software solutions on different computer platforms. We support cross-platform solutions to integrate different computer worlds (mainframe, LINUX systems under Windows).

System integration

System integration is not just the development and integration of new solutions; it also involves extracting the best results from already deployed systems to protect existing investments. The utilisation of already committed investments is maximised in this connection. New requirements are implemented in combination with already existing solutions and innovations with the objective of creating a uniform company architecture.

Sector-based competencies

Technical knowledge alone is not enough in many cases to execute projects successfully. In addition to our technical competencies, we have wide-ranging experience in the authorities’ environment and in the agrarian area. Irrespective of whether we are dealing with the implementation of agrarian requirements, administration processes, public services or veterinary control systems, our experts impart competence and understanding on the basis of their background.

Introduction ActiveVOS

Get to know ActiveVOS through an in depth live demonstration. Key features of the process automation platform are presented, including a BPMN 2.0 modeler that guarantees that there will be no round-trip problems or translations between BPMN and BPEL, and an AJAX-based, services-enabled forms designer which makes human tasks easy to integrate into system processes. A live Q&A concludes the session. Register


Support for ActiveVOS

As the contact partner of ActiveEndpoints products and reseller, we will be glad to assist you in evaluating ActiveVOS. We are open to your questions and ideas.  more...

Individuelles Webinar: Generische Benutzeröberfläche für Geschäftsprozesse

In einer Live-Demo präsentieren wir unser Framework, das auf dem Standard WS-HumanTask basiert und eine einfache Generierung von Benutzeroberflächen zur Laufzeit ermöglicht. Wir führen gerne für Sie ein individuelles Webinar durch. Die Teilnahme am Webinar ist kostenlos. Individuelles Webinar vereinbaren